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2017-11-22 | Sustainability | Powertrain systems

Bosch subsidiary’s iDisc helps alleviate particulate-emission problem in cities

*Bosch board of management member Hoheisel: “iDisc is the brake disc 2.0. Its market potential is tremendous.” *Brakes and tires responsible for 32 percent of driving-related particulate emissions. *iDisc’s carbide coating reduces brake wear and tear while enhancing operating safety. *iDisc is scheduled to go into production for a European manufacturer in November 2017. *Demand for car brake discs stood at more than 330 million units in 2016. more

2017-11-21 | Electrified mobility | Connected mobility | Powertrain systems | Automated mobility | Sustainability

Bosch solutions for urban mobility

*Connected parking saves fuel and time – and reduces stress *48-volt drive systems make electric scooters an urban reality *300 projects for tomorrow’s diesel engines more

2017-11-21 | Sustainability | Connected mobility

Air quality in cities


2017-11-16 | Corporate News

Bosch Packaging Technology wins German Design Award 2018

*Honoured in the Excellent Product Design category *Sigpack VPF offers unique flexibility thanks to expandable modules *International jury honours innovative products and projects more

2017-11-14 | Internet of Things | Smart Home

Smart City Expo World Congress 2017, Barcelona

*San Leandro: smart streetlights save electricity *Tianjin: Bosch to make a Chinese seaport smart *Smart-city solutions for mobility, energy, buildings, safety, security, and e-governance * more

2017-11-13 | Internet of Things | Commercial vehicles | Research

Bosch innovations to look out for at Agritechnica 2017

*Bosch technologies make agriculture more efficient and sustainable *Bosch makes farmers’ labor-intensive everyday lives easier *Stress-free, safe, and convenient straight through to harvesting – *thanks to connected solutions *Sensor expertise and Bosch cloud for greater yields and quality more

2017-11-13 | Internet of Things | Commercial vehicles | Research

High tech for farms: with agricultural technology, Bosch opens up market worth billions

*Bosch generates 1 billion euros in sales with agricultural technology *Smart technologies make agriculture more efficient *Bosch makes farms digital with sensors and connected platform more

2017-11-13 | Research | Internet of Things

Preventing milk from going sour

*Sensor measures milk temperature *Farmers receive data right on their smartphones, saving time *Converting older milk tanks is easy more

2017-11-10 | Corporate News

Simpler operation, better overview: TrackMyTools from Bosch with new functions

*Optimized hardware: New Bluetooth module *Redesigned software: Intuitive user interface *Better overview: Registration of vehicles and extended functions more

2017-11-06 | Automated mobility | Connected mobility | Powertrain systems

EICMA 2017: How Bosch is taking the motorcycle into the future

*Dr. Dirk Hoheisel, member of the Bosch board of management: “Megatrends such as urbanization and sustainability will fundamentally change mobility and the motorcycle as we know it today.” *Bosch is set to reach sales of one billion euros with motorcycle technologies *Bosch technologies make the motorcycle fit for the future: first by making it safer, second by making its powertrain more efficient *Tiny titans: Bosch’s powertrain system for light electric vehicles reduces complexity and cost – for manufacturers and thus also for anyone who wants to drive electrically through their city more

2017-11-06 | Powertrain systems | Electrified mobility | Connected mobility | Automated mobility

The Bosch innovations on show at the EICMA 2017

*Connectivity systems: connected solutions for more convenience *Assistance systems: greater safety without compromising on riding enjoyment *Powertrain systems and electrification: new riding experience and sustainable powertrain technology more

2017-11-06 | Corporate News

Peter Tyroller turns 60: Bosch Asia Pacific Chief celebrates round birthday


2017-10-27 | Working at Bosch

Quick and easy changeovers of case packing formats with Bosch technology

*Rapid format change for different pack styles *Tool-less format changeovers via ‘Elematic click system’ *Ergonomic design for increased ease of use and safety more

2017-10-26 | Corporate News

Reliably identifies weak spots: Bosch GTC 400 C Professional thermal imager

*Fast exchange: Data transfer to the Bosch Measuring Master App *Simple assignment: Thermal and real images are taken simultaneously *Flexible operation: Dual power supply using 12 volt or alkaline batteries more

2017-10-26 | Corporate News

Connectivity function for precise alignment: New generation of professional Bosch line lasers

*High precision: contact-free control via app *Precise work without calibration errors: The Bosch Cal Guard is a world first *Better visibility: Red high-performance diodes or green laser lines more